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4/23/2006 - New version released: Nalsoft RuitLeaguer v1.0.501. [version info]

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Welcome to the Nalsoft RuitLeaguer homepage. Nalsoft RuitLeaguer is an innovative and powerful statistics-recording program for Beer Pong or Beirut leagues. Its power, professional quality, and intuitive ease of use ensure that it will remain unrivaled among Pong statistics software.


Download a copy and see the power of Nalsoft RuitLeaguer for yourself.


Easy to use

RuitLeaguer is very easy to install and get running quickly:


  • Build a new league in RuitLeaguer by adding players and creating teams.

  • Then record league games by simple clicking of cups in an easy-to-use graphical game simulation, and RuitLeaguer will do all the rest— automatically keeping all statistics readily available and calculated.


Advanced features

RuitLeaguer is full of advanced features for even the most professional Pong leagues.

Here are some of the features:


  • Users can connect directly to your computer through a web browser to view the latest stats. RuitLeaguer can be easily configured host a simple HTTP server. No complicated server setup required.

  • You can manage multiple league files for different leagues and player groups. You can use RuitLeaguer to import and merge them later if necessary.

  • Expanded player stats allow you to see even the most detailed statistics about players, with an "overall rating" calculated very precisely to reflect a player's overall skill level.

  • When recording a game, it takes only one click or keystroke for each shot. You can rest easy knowing all the statistics are being automatically compiled.

  • Stats are presented in an easy to read format, and games are color-coded to show winners.



Here are some of the many stats that RuitLeaguer automatically tracks:


  • Team season win/loss record

  • Team last 10 games win/loss record and win/loss streak

  • "Carrier" of teams (i.e. player who contributes most of the hits)

  • Team average cup margin

  • Player season and overall career hit percentages

  • Player season and overall career hit+rim percentages

  • Hit percentages on every size of rack of cups.

  • Player "overall rating", calculated by a complex and highly nuanced formula to reflect overall skill level most accurately.



We welcome all suggestions to improve RuitLeaguer, and we will sincerely work to implement features that will get you more satisfaction out of our software.

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Main statistics window


Expanded player stats


Game in progress


Game at team victory



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