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Getting Started


Nalsoft AIM Log Manager is a comprehensive AIM logging and managing system. It consists of two parts:

1. Configuration window: used to set up your logging preferences. It can be accessed by clicking the yellow pencil icon in your system tray.

2. AIM Log Manager window: used to view and manage your AIM logs. It can be opened using the "Open AIM Logs" button.


After you install

Download the installation from our website, and run it.

After you install, everything should already be set up to work correctly. If the logger status in the Configuration window shows a green checkbox:

...then logging has already been enabled. Unless you specify otherwise, all conversations from all screennames and all users are being logged.

Try opening AIM and having a test conversation. You will see that while the IM window is open, your conversation will appear as an item on the "Current Conversations" list in the Configuration window.

Viewing your logs

All your logs are stored in one log file, and you can view and manage this file in the main AIM Log Manager window. You can open AIM Log Manager from the Configuration window by clicking the Open AIM Logs button.

The first time AIM Log Manager opens, it will ask you where to place your log file. The default location is the My Documents folder shared by all users (C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Nalsoft AIM Logs\logs.alf). However, many users prefer to place it in their private My Documents folder. Logged images are put into the ...\Nalsoft AIM Logs\Files\ subfolder by default.

To see the contents of a conversation in AIM Log Manager, click on its screenname in the list.

When do conversations appear in AIM Log Manager?

AIM 5.9 and earlier
As soon as an IM window is closed, the conversation should appear in AIM Log Manager.
AIM 6.0/Triton
With AIM 6.0/Triton, conversations are logged after 10 minutes of inactivity, or immediately when you sign off AIM.

Conversations will be logged even if your computer crashes and reboots or AIM freezes.

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