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Using the Configuration window

  1. Overview
  2. General options
  3. Security options
  4. Locations
  5. E-mail notification
  6. Miscellaneous options


The Configuration window can be opened by clicking the yellow pencil icon in the taskbar, as shown above. The Configuration window, shown below, is used to set your AIM logging preferences. There are five categories of preferences: General, Security, Locations, E-mail, and Misc., accessible using the buttons on the left side.

The Current conversations list shows conversations that are open in AIM, which have not yet been logged. Even in the case of a computer crash, these conversations will be safely logged if they appear on the list.

At the bottom, you can check the Logger Status. There must be a green checkmark showing in order for logging to be working correctly -- either for AIM 5.9/earlier or AIM 6.0/Triton, or both.

General options

IM conversations  Selecting this checkbox will enable logging of IM conversations.
Chatrooms  Selecting this checkbox will enable logging of chatrooms. These logs can be viewed in AIM Log Manager filed under the buddy screenname 'CHATROOMS'.
Your away messages  Selecting this checkbox will log your away messages. These logs appear in AIM Log Manager with a buddy screenname that is set to the local screenname.
Your buddies' away messages  This allows you to keep logs of your buddies' away messages. Use the Select Buddies link to pick which buddies will be monitored. You can also choose to monitor all buddies, but this carries a danger of overcrowding your log file, which may greatly increase the time it takes to open. This option works only with AIM 6.0/Triton.
Buddy events  Selecting this checkbox will log buddy events: sign on/off, away/back, and (AIM 6.0/Triton only) idle/returned. Buddy events do not go into your main logs.alf file — instead they go into a separate logs.alfevents file which is found in the same folder.
Images and other files  Selecting this checkbox will log images and files sent through direct IM connections. These logged files are stored in a location specified in the Locations options category. In AIM Log Manager, they appear directly integrated in the conversations.
Automatically save bitmaps sent through Direct IM as JPEGs  This option will convert .bmp images to .jpg files, in order to save disk space.

Screenname aliases and exceptions
Use this to set up automatic renaming (aliases) for buddy screennames, or to exempt a screenname from being logged. In the dialog, set the 'From' field to the screenname you want renamed, and the 'To' field to the new name, and press Add to add it to the list. The 'From' screenname applies both to buddy screennames and local screennames.

If the 'To' field is blank, the specified 'From' screenname will be exempted from being logged.

This feature can be useful for several reasons:
1. If you use multiple AIM screennames, and want to automatically rename all your conversations to a single screenname.
2. If a buddy uses multiple screennames and you want to automatically merge all his/her conversations into one screenname.
3. If you prefer that screennames appear as real names in your logs.
4. Exempting screennames that yield uninteresting conversations, such as SmarterChild or AOLSystemMsg.

Security options

Begin Logging at Windows startup  This will load the Configuration window (nalgr.exe) for all XP users in order to begin logging, silently minimized to tray icon form, each time your computer reboots. (An entry for AIM Logger is made in the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Run.)
Allow only Administrator users to stop logging or change settings  This option will prevent non-Administrator (Limited) users of the computer from modifying settings in the Configuration window, and from disabling logging.
Stealth mode  This checkbox controls whether Stealth mode is on. Among other things, Stealth mode hides the pencil taskbar icon.


Note: to modify these settings, you have to pause logging — the Enable Logging button should not be pressed.

Log File location  
This file is your main log file, into which new conversations are logged.
Images and Files folder  
Images and files sent through direct-connection IMs are stored here. If you change the folder, make sure you copy all previously logged files from the old folder into the new folder.
Temporary Folder  Conversations are stored here (as .logalf files) until they are filed into your main log file, which happens the first time AIM Log Manager is opened after a conversation ends. This way, even if your computer crashes, conversations will not be lost.

Do not log into AIM Log Manager
 If you select this option, new conversations will not be logged into your main log file (i.e. the temporary folder will not be used to accumulate conversations as .logalf files). You may want to enable this option if you are only using separate HTML logs, or e-mail notification. However, this is entirely optional and not recommended.
Also save logs as separate HTML files  With this option, conversations will be logged into a folder of your choice as HTML (.htm) files, which is the norm for most other AIM logging software, and can be opened by a browser. This feature works completely independently from your main log file (.alf) and from e-mail notification. If you have any screenname aliases, they will not affect HTML logs.

E-mail notification

E-mail notification lets you maintain an e-mail log of AIM conversations by having AIM Log Manager sending conversation transcripts to you by e-mail. To use e-mail notification, you normally have to supply two pieces of information: your e-mail address, and your outgoing mail (SMTP) server. The sender of e-mail notification messages will appear as Nalsoft AIM Log Manager, whose e-mail address is the same as yours.

Enabled checkbox  This option must be selected for the e-mail notification system to work. Mail settings can only be changed when this is enabled.
Note: To modify these settings, you have to pause logging — the Enable Logging button should not be pressed.

Send transcript for every convo  
After an AIM conversation is closed and logged, you will receive an e-mail message showing the conversation. A separate message is sent for each conversation, and the subject line of the message will look like "Local screenname : Buddy screenname (AIM conversation digest)".
Send daily digest of convos  Conversation digests are sent daily in a single e-mail message, containing transcripts of all conversations that have accumulated over the past 24 hours. The subject line of the message will be "AIM log daily digest". The timer button lets you select what time of day the conversation digest is sent each day (default is midnight).

Mail settings  This button opens a dialog to set up your e-mail settings:

Send conversation transcripts to  Enter the e-mail address that will receive conversation transcripts.
Outgoing mail (SMTP) server  Your outgoing mail server is usually assigned to you by your ISP, not by the organization that your e-mail address belongs to. Click here for a list of SMTP servers used by some common ISPs.

Custom SMTP port  Rarely, an ISP may use a non-standard TCP port. The default port is 25, which is used if you leave this box blank.
SMTP Authentication  A few ISPs, such as AOL, require you to have a username and password to use their SMTP servers.

Test e-mail notification  This will send a test message to the e-mail address provided, to make sure that the e-mail notification is set up with the correct SMTP server and settings. A log of server activity is shown, in case you experience problems and need help from Nalsoft Customer Service.
Excluded screennames  Screennames that you add to this list will be exempted from e-mail notification. This applies whether the screenname appears as the local screenname or as the buddy screenname in the conversation. Other logging mechanisms in AIM Log Manager, such as your main log file (.alf) or HTML logs, are unaffected by this list.

Miscellaneous options

Blink tray icon  This will cause the yellow pencil icon in the taskbar to briefly flash red time each time a new conversation is logged. Of course, this option has no effect if Stealth mode is enabled.
Always reveal timestamps  
This will cause timestamps to be logged for each IM in the conversation. For AIM 6.0/Triton, this is always the case. For conversations that were logged without timestamps, they can usually be revealed later in AIM Log Manager, using a command on the Edit menu.
Automatically convert bitmap images to JPEGs  This setting actually has no effect on logs, but is included as a convenience: when a image is copied to the clipboard from a website or any other source, it is compressed into JPEG format before you paste it into an IM. This decreases the send-time of the image to your buddy dramatically!
Log buddy profiles if Windows Key + PrintScreen pressed while viewing  This is on-demand buddy profile logging for AIM 5.9/earlier. Hold down the Windows Key (next to Ctrl) and press PrintScreen and your buddy's profile and away message will be logged.
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