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Version History

*** Version 1.7.001 (11/18/2007)
- Check for non-Unicode log file passwords
- Bug fixed: AIM 5.9 'nalm.ocm' warning appeared even when AIM 5.9 not installed
- Bug fixed: Comments field on new conversations contained Windows user name
- Bug fixed: 'Check status' warning appeared even when logging successfully.

*** Version 1.7 (10/6/2007)
- Full Vista support without UAC problems
- Logging system more stable (infrastructure overhauled)
- Multiple Users option allows Windows user accounts to maintain separate logging settings
- Interface updated
- AIM log files (.alf) can be opened read-only
- Vestigial backup table of contents option removed
- Debug log is now kept
- Bug fixed: Permission error when opening log file
- Bug fixed: conversations from simultaneous Windows user accounts properly logged
- Bug fixed: plugin registration errors
- Bug fixed: repeating convos
- Bug fixed: buddies' away message logging errors

*** Version 1.6.520 (5/12/2007)
- AIM Pro support
- Install option for Desktop and Start Menu shortcuts
- Panels hidden while password box is shown
- Bug fixed: File deleted when password prompt canceled
- /exitfail command line argument added

*** Version 1.6.511 (4/29/2007)
- Bug fixed: Message box when computer rebooting

*** Version 1.6.510 (4/17/2007)
- Bug fixed: Occasional blank "conversation is empty" items
- Bug fixed: E-mail gibberish (PKZIP) convos
- Bug fixed: AIM 6.1 compatibility issues
- Bug fixed: Multiple NALM plugin versions cause conflicts
- Warning message about UAC in Windows Vista

*** Version 1.6.500 (2/27/2007)
- Bug fixed: AIM 6.0 plugin connection error
- Streamlined and simplified interface
- Documentation links
- Log buddy away messages
- View conversation filters

*** Version 1.6.412 (2/20/2007)
- Tray icon behavior changed
- Links to online documentation
- Bug fixed: AIM 6.0 crashes when Send File used
- Bug fixed: e-mail gibberish (PKZIP) convos
- Bug fixed: e-mail leading hyphens in subject line
- Bug fixed: 'Nalsoft AIM Logs' folder could not be permanently removed

*** Version 1.6.410 (11/29/2006)
- AIM 6.0 logging support
- Importation of logs from AIM 6.0 built-in logger

*** Version 1.6.400 (10/27/2006)
- E-mail SMTP authentication support (several more ISPs, including AOL, are now supported)
- E-mail custom SMTP port specifiable
- Graph can be copied as image

*** Version 1.6.301 (5/30/2006)
- E-mail notification saves failed e-mail attempts for later
- Bug fixed: occasional incorrect early trial version expiration
- Bug fixed: minor file list interface selection glitch

*** Version 1.6.300 (5/20/2006)
- Print conversations
- Bug fixed: E-mail body sometimes appeared blank in e-mail transcripts
- 'Nalsoft AIM Log Manager Plugin' does not appear conspicously in Triton plugins list
- Messenger:Mate Grouped IM compatibility (AIM 5.9/earlier)
- AIM Log Manager file browser improved
- Allow changing registration ID

*** Version 1.6.300 BETA (Build 292) (5/02/2006)
- Bug fixed: occasional problem with installing/registering Triton plugin

*** Version 1.6.300 BETA (Build 291) (5/02/2006)
AIM Logger:
- Bug fixed: occasional problem with installing/registering Triton plugin
AIM Log Manager:
- [some debug notification]

*** Version 1.6.300 BETA (Build 290) (4/26/2006)
AIM Logger:
- Main feature: TRITON conversations are logged
- Idle/back buddy events logged (Triton only)
- Logger appears more discreetly in Task Manager (used to be AIMLogger.exe)

AIM Log Manager:
- Allow direct editing of certain conversation properties in list (e.g. Date)
- Password toolbar button

*** Version 1.6.207 (3/15/2006)
AIM Logger:
- Bug fixed: warning message at computer startup
- Specify daily digest e-mail time of day (used to be always midnight)

*** Version 1.6.206 (3/05/2006)
AIM Logger:
- Bug fixed: E-mail <sending> failed on some systems
- E-mail SMTP server supports custom TCP port
AIM Log Manager:
- Command line arguments (see FAQ) and startup options
- Bug fixed: "Stop Error"
- Bug fixed: Merge issues


*** Version 1.6.205 (1/25/2006)
AIM Logger:
- New security feature: Hide from Add/Remove list in Control Panel
- E-mail test notification details
- Bug fixed: occasional incomplete convos (last line only, or outgoing only)
- Bug fixed: Messenger:Mate compatibility

AIM Log Manager:
- Trial period extended to 14 days


*** Version 1.6.200
AIM Logger:
- E-mail notification
- Flickering reduced
AIM Log Manager:
- Flickering reduced
- Copying in HTML can now be pasted to Mozilla/IE as HTML
- New graph type added
- Fixed Split feature
- Some Preferences rearranged and Tips added


*** Version 1.6.001
- Installation system revamped
AIM Logger:
- Bug fixed: Possible incomplete logging (last line only)
AIM Log Manager:
- Bug fixed: Graph sometimes stalled on zoom
- Bug fixed: Large conversations displayed slowly sometimes
- Bug fixed: End of graphs sometimes incorrectly dipped to 0

*** Version 1.60
AIM Logger:
- Fixed Windows 2000 support
- Bug fixed: Possible incomplete logging (last line only)
AIM Log Manager:
- Fixed Windows 2000 support
- Correct IM background colors in conversations always used
- New screenname colorizing option: Colorize by Average Date
- Importing password-protected files allowed
- Graphing speed, accuracy improved, fluctuations smoothed
- Automatic quick scanning for exact duplicates after importing logs
- Bug fixed: Auto-merge time settings didn't work properly
- Bug fixed: Searching continued after log file closed
- Tab order fixed in search options

*** Version 1.59
AIM Logger:
- Bug fixed: On some systems, logging stopped suddenly
AIM Log Manager:
- DeadAIM importation improved: segments on one day split into separate convos

- Importation option: determine date from filename
- Events lists can be exported to text files
- More search date range options
- 'Total size on disk' property fixed
- Bug fixed: No renaming to invalid screennames

*** Version 1.58

AIM Logger:
- Security features (Admin-only option)
- Bug fixed: Minor plug-in detection bug
AIM Log Manager:

- Optional "Average date" column in screenname list
- Bug fixed: crash when certain keys pressed at certain times


*** Version 1.57
AIM Logger:
- "Open AIM Logs" option in tray menu
- Bug fixed: copying from IM windows while logging sometimes did not work properly
- Bug fixed: Windows Key + PrintScreen shortcut sometimes did not work properly
AIM Log Manager:
- Default columns and aesthetic options slightly improved

*** Version 1.56
AIM Log Manager:
- Bug fixed: No more data corruption
- Bug fixed: Loading events file separately sometimes caused crash
- Bug fixed: Program sometimes did not start immediately after installation
- Conversation-deleting speed improved
- Exporting conversation options (HTML, separate ALF files) on Edit menu
- Log File Properties option on File menu (check structure/fragmentation of file)
- Reverting to backup asks to salvage conversations newer than backup
- Search speed improved
- Minor aesthetic improvements


*** Version 1.55
AIM Logger:
- Event plug-in no longer records duplicate events
- Option: When logging images from Direct IMs, automatically convert BMP to JPG to save space
- Option: Automatically convert BMP to JPG when sending images to buddies through Direct IM
- Bug fixed: Logging error with earlier AIM versions than 5.0
- Bug fixed: AIM+ logging issues
- Minor Windows XP guest user logging issues
AIM Log Manager:
- Auto-backup system
- Windows XP styles implemented
- Passwords can be set for log files
- Improved screenname list colorization scheme
- Faster screenname list display
- Logged JPEG images are copied to the clipboard as JPEGs
- Screenname list now shown for custom lists (including search results)
- Ability to delete selected convo fragments from convo (right click menu)
- Event duplicates removal tool (Events screennames right click menu)
- Several rare file loading problems fixed
- Memory leaks fixed
- Graph accuracy and speed improved
- Events view: entire months of events now able to be shown
- Fixed events screenname list context menu bug


*** Version 1.52

AIM Logger:
- Bug fix: Events logging was not functioning properly

*** Version 1.51
AIM Logger:
- Bug fix: Custom logging options were sometimes ineffective
- Bug fix: Foreign character sets caused crash
- Bug fix: Cloned AIM using certain other plug-ins caused crash
- Bug fix: Error message boxes at Windows startup
- Bug fix: Duration in conversation list remained at 0:00:00
AIM Log Manager:
- HTML markup-adding option in Edit->Modify menu

- 'Longest gap' display in Analyze window

*** Version 1.50
AIM Logger:
- Major update: Files are now logged
- Major update: Clearing of IM windows no longer ever necessary
- Able to choose HTML log folder
- Screenname bug fixed (renaming in IM window)
AIM Log Manager:
- Conversation list now displays much faster (10000 items nearly instantaneous)
- Colorization scheme improved
- Importation/data corruption bug fixed
- Events list displays significantly faster
- In events list, hold CTRL to find next event with same screenname
- Tooltips show contents when hovering over conversations in list
- Pictogram improved (right mouse button drag functionality)
- Type directly into conversation list for quick scrolling (by sort method)
- Searching speed improved slightly
- Future version updates do not reset registration info
- Uninstall shortcut in start menu folder
- Method of calculating screenname Frequency adjusted
- Assorted other minor bugs fixed

*** Version 1.41 (bugfix)

Bug fixed: users with foreign or non-standard locale options had trouble entering registration code

Bug fixed: creating a new log file caused corrupt data


*** Version 1.40
AIM Logger:

- Bug fixed: Sometimes last line was omitted when clearing IMs
- Stealth mode now hides AIM Logger from Task Manager list
- HTML/ALF logging format error fixed
- Buddy screenname options in right-click menu
- Really fixed on-demand logging of buddy profiles (Windows+Printscreen)
AIM Log Manager:
- New file format (faster loading and accessing)
- Full custom list support
- Ability to import text conversations and auto-colorize them
- Conversation HTML right-click menu
- Program starts and operates faster
- Links open in new window
- Conversation splitter
- Quick 'rename' option for screennames
- Sort method of screennames is saved when program is closed
- Window maximization is saved when program is closed
- Numerical screenname bug fixed
- Away messages dim in convo list
- Rearranged menus
- Pictogram of selected conversations


*** Version 1.21
AIM Logger:
- When clearing large IMs, several recent lines are now shown
AIM Log Manager:
- Fixed trial version expiration bug
- Auto version update notification


*** Version 1.20
- Info tips
AIM Log Manager:
- Fixed AIM+ logs importing
- Fixed HTML-editing window resizing error
- Fixed middle_man logs importing
- HTML Importation presets
- Buddy screennames containing only away messages no longer bright yellow
AIM Logger:
- Ability to hide icon (stealth mode)
- "Open AIM Logs" button


*** Version 1.11

AIM Log Manager:
- Copy & paste bug fixed

*** Version 1.10
AIM Log Manager:

- Major update: Event logs
- Interface slightly faster
- many small bugs fixed
AIM Logger:
- Allowed screennames to be excluded from logging

*** Version 1.00 (original)

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