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Download Free Trial

Download Nalsoft AIM Log Manager free as a fully-functional trial user:

Nalsoft AIM Log Manager v1.7.001 (2.3 mb)

Upgrading for existing customers: For registered users, the link above also serves as an upgrade. Simply click the link to download when you install, your version will be upgraded automatically and you will not need to re-register.

Compatibility: This version logs conversations from all versions of AIM, including AIM 6.1, AIM Pro and AIM 5.9/earlier. Nalsoft AIM Log Manager is fully compatible with Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows 2000.

Activate Registered Version

A registration code must be purchased after 14 days to activate the registered version of Nalsoft AIM Log Manager.

If your trial period expires, logging will continue, but you won't be able to view your conversations until your registration code is entered.



Thousands of satisfied customers have ordered registration codes for Nalsoft AIM Log Manager. Your support is much appreciated — please purchase your registration code here!

Ordering Information

Your purchased registration code covers all future versions upgrades of Nalsoft AIM Log Manager are free.



Nalsoft AIM Log Manager is compatible with Windows Vista/XP/2000.


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Conversation browsing view


Conversation browsing view


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