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How is Nalsoft AIM Log Manager better than other AIM logging software out there?



First, several of the basic, practical features are vastly superior in Nalsoft AIM Log Manager:

  • All your recorded logs are stored in a single file, not in hundreds of HTML files spread across many folders. This makes transferring your logs to another location or another computer very easy. (You can tell the program to log in HTML format additionally, and to export logs from one format to the other.)

  • This single log file is automatically compressed, saving a lot of space on your hard drive! AIM logs recorded by Nalsoft AIM Log Manager are on average 30% the size of logs recorded by other programs. Three years of dense AIM logs can fit nicely into just 75mb! In addition, all images are automatically compressed into JPEG format before being recorded, to save extra space.

  • Security features not found in other AIM loggers: the log file can be password-protected if you choose, and the AIM Logger can operate in stealth mode (in this mode, the icon does not appear in the taskbar and the program does not appear in the Windows Task list).

  • The ease of use and organizational ability of Nalsoft AIM Log Manager is unparalleled, see for yourself!

Feature Chart

Here is how AIM Log Manager compares with several other major logging products:

  Nalsoft DeadAIM AIM+ middle_man IMGrabber AIMutation
Log IM conversations and chatrooms Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Supports AIM Triton Yes No No No No No
Automatic compression of logs Yes No No No No No
Log buddy events Yes Yes No No No Yes
Log files/images sent through DC Yes Yes No Yes No Yes
Automatic renaming of screennames Yes Yes No Yes No Yes
Stealth mode option Yes No No No Yes No
Password protection Yes No No No Yes No
Logging of your away messages Yes No No No No No
View convos from all buddies by date Yes No No No Yes No
Conversation trend analysis Yes No No No No No
E-mail conversation transcripts Yes No No No No No
At least basic search capability Yes Yes No No Yes No
Guaranteed to coexist with other loggers Yes No No No No No



Unique Analysis Abilities

There are unique features in Nalsoft AIM Log Manager that you cannot find anywhere else:

  • Many different color-coding options let you analyze various aspects of your AIM logs. The most popular option is color-coding by initiation: conversations initiated by you appear green, and conversations initiated by your buddy appear as red. The program can calculate ratios and other useful information for analyzing all sorts of trends in your AIM logs.

  • An advanced calendar timeline to view the chronology of your conversations visually.

  • An advanced graphing system to discover trends and make interesting comparisons.

  • You can perform complex searches easily, and even graph the results and analyze them. (Did your use of the expression 'lol' vary significantly over time?)

Nalsoft AIM Log Manager is better than the competition in many, many other ways. Download the program and explore it to find out for yourself!

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Conversation browsing view


Conversation browsing view


Graphing trends analyzer


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